by Soeun Sim (Young Samsung), abril 2016

바르셀로나 여성 예술가들이 전하는, 여성의 길

YoungSamsung Global Reporter 2016. 4월호

[출처] 영삼성 2016년 4월호 : 바르셀로나 여성 예술가들이 전하는, 여성의 길 (Marta Darder)|작성자 ssimssso

This article was written in April 2016, by YoungSamsung Global Reporter Soeun Sim. She interviewed Mata Darder, executive director of the exhibition  «J’accepte la grande aventure d’être moi» . The title stemmed from one of the novel from Simone de Beauvoir, and it has a profound meaning : » I accept the grand adventure to be myself». This article mainly focuses on each pieces of the 9 artists :  the hidden meaning besides their artwork, and the relationship between their work the title. Also, Marta Dader explained the general framework and concept the exhibition in detail. She introduced the whole process of making this exhibition, and her artwork <Ma ligne rouge>. From her perspective, shifting to a totally different style from her previous work itself was a grand adventure. She realized that she could be «herself» by breaking away from the  stereotype that she, herself, has made. Furthermore, she mentioned the great comradeship among the other women artists who participate this exhibition. Thanks to them, the exhibition became more consistent and meaningful. Marta Darder concluded her words by highlighting spectator’s own ability to find the unique identity. We should not be confined by the word «Identity as a woman» , but only by the inclusive term,  «my identity» .

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