Catalina Girona’s text about Marta Darder


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data:  6 febrer de 2014 13.55
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To whom it may concern:
Hello! You asked Marta Darder to write something about herself, but I thought I could describe her as well if you’re interested… I’m a friend of hers and have been sharing poetry and performance evenings with her over the past years and giving her some informal English lessons of late.

Let’s see… Marta is an interesting person who thinks outside the box. She has a PhD in the Classics and wrote her dissertation on Aurigas’ horses names…. as far as I understood… (???) She’s a sculptor working in metal, as well as a visual artist (painting, installations, video-art). She’s also active on the poetry / performance scene, where she’s involved in poetry, visual poetry (of a lettrisme bent), video poetry and performance. She’s interested in the hybridization of textual & visual art. Also, she was working at one of Catalonia’s premiere publishing houses (Edicions 62) as a copy editor until recently.

She’s an independent, single mother, about 47 (?) years old, who lives in a cute (somewhat posh??) neighborhood of Barcelona called Sarrià with her 10-year-old son Mauro. Her son is soooo incredibly nice, well-behaved, sweet AND they get along so well, they almost seem like friends instead of a mother-son team. She loves playing soccer and some other sports, Mauro is into scooters and biking (and soccer too, I think… or rugby???).

They want to go to the States for the experience, and to immerse themselves in the English language – which they need to work on (and what better way than immersion??!)

Random information: She and Mauro just went to see the latest movie on Mary Poppins (Saving Mr. Banks, I believe it’s called) – awe, how cute! 🙂

She and Mauro would be interested in staying with you (or someone you might recommend) in April, May or June, for the duration of a month or any part thereof, in exchange for you coming to stay with them at a time you’d find convenient. While at your place they would contribute to basic expenses such as water & electricity bills & gas & whatnot, and obviously buy their own food or contribute to a common food fund & help with the chores.

Anyway, I hope this works out! Let her (or me) know what you think.

Take care,

Catalina Girona